Laravel: Docker + Cron Jobs


When we are using Docker for Laravel projects, just one php-fpm process is running and we don’t have access to other processes as cron tasks. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to easily accomplish this

Laravel/PHPUnit Testing – TokenMismatchException


How to solve the eventual «CSRF token mismatch» error when running tests

Moving files (Dockers, Servers, Localhost,…)


How to move files between instances (Dockers, Servers Localhost,…)

MySQL 8.0: caching_sha2_password problem


How to change «caching_sha2_password» to «mysql_native_password» on a DigitalOcean’s Managed MySQL Database

Ubuntu: how to create shortcut icon for *.sh


Little tutorial about how to create a shortcut icon for *.sh files on Ubuntu.

Laravel: «Class not found» error after renaming


After renaming some Class, we might face some problem related with the cache, so our app is still looking for the old Class instead the renamed one. Here it is explained how to clear caches and work with the good one Class.

Apache + Virtual Hosts


I still find myself into situations that I need to work on localhost within Apache installed on my computer without Docker or any other kind of virtualization. In this post I try to explain the steps for having Apache running, and set up some Virtual Host

MySQL Backups from localhost to running DB on Docker


Scenario: Apache running locally and database running on Docker. Situation: we need to restore a database into our database container.

Laravel 5: Cleaning all caches


Most important commands for Laravel if it is not working as expected after some modifications rather on .env, database, or any other modification