Laravel 5 CORS Middleware


When we have development with some other apps trying to connect with our backend, we’ll have some console CORS errors. This means we need to setup CORS into our project to be enabled for backend route.

Laravel 5: Cron Tasks via Commands

In this post I’ll show you how to setup taks that need to be executed automatically and periodically ( every hour, every day, evey week,… )

Laravel 5 Fast Help

Storage file into folder with contents Storage::disk(‘local’)->put(«/path-to-file/file.json», json_encode($data)); Run single Migration php artisan migrate –path=/database/migrations/migration_php_file.php Run single Seeder php artisan db:seed –class=Seeder

Laravel PostTooLargeException in ValidatePostSize.php

How to get rif of Laravel’s PostTooLargeException

Laravel 5 Fast Tutorial


He aquí un pequeño tutorial para empezar a dar los primeros pasos con Laravel.

Laravel 5 Helpers


Helpers are basically useful functions top-level integrated that you can call wherever inside your application. If they have not been provided with the core, you might ended developing one for yourself.